Michael Lutz – Guitar/Vocals

  Michael has an extensive resumé of professional projects particularly with Brownsville Station and Ted Nugent. With Brownsville Station: Recording and international touring as writer, singer, guitarist, bassist. Michael wrote or co-wrote most of Brownsville's material including the multi-platinum hit Smokin' In The Boy's Room. Other hits include: Leader Of The Gang, Kings Of The Party, She Put The Light On, and The Martian Boogie. Brownsville released seven major label albums during the '70s as well as a couple more recently released greatest hits albums. In 2001, VH1 featured them on "Where Are They Now?" Michael with the Ted Nugent Band as bassist and producer: •1989- "Fred Bear," single / producer •1990- "Motor City Bad Boy's" / producer, co-writer •1994- "Spirit Of The Wild" -Atlantic / producer, co-writer •1998- "Merry Axe-Mas 2" -Sony / producer • 1999- performance with Nugent at the "Millenium Bash" with Metallica and Kid Rock at the Pontiac Silverdome • 2001- "Comin' Down Hard" / producer, co-writer (for the Jeff Daniels movie " Escanaba In Da Moonlight" Most of Michael's productions have been done at Tazmania Studio, which is a state-of-the-art 72-track recording studio co-owned by Michael and Ted. In 1986 Motley Crue recorded "Smokin'" on their "Theater of Pain" album which went multi-platinum. The cut is also on Motley's three greatest hits albums, all multi-platinum. Michael has been teaching guitar, bass, and recording for 21 years. "I love teaching, to me it is a very addictive process because just like my students I get so much from it." In January of 2000, Michael quit touring to devote his time to producing, teaching, and songwriting. Some of Michael's accomplished students include: •Joey Gaydos Jr. who played the role of "Zak" in the movie "School of Rock" •3 former students who qualified and currently attend Berkley School of Music in Boston.

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