Billy Craig – Guitar/Vocals

 Two things are foremost in the heart of Brownsville Station’s Billy Craig -- great songs and great performances. He earned his energetic, guitar-slinger reputation while still a teenager and that notoriety landed him a spot on a European tour with an International Jazz Band and soon after a he was performing on a U.S tour with the Young American Showcase. Following his run with the Young American Showcase, Billy packed his bags for Los Angeles to attend the world-renowned Guitar Institute of Technology before settling in Ann Arbor, MI. He immersed himself in the music scene there, becoming a founding member and the lead guitarist of one of the Detroit areas hottest rock bands in the 80’s, The Greg Stryker Band. The band toured heavily throughout the Midwest and their single “Streets of Fire” was a huge airplay success.

After leaving the band Billy continued to write and record, producing two solo albums which have each received radio airplay in the U.S. and Europe and have been featured in Forbes Magazine and on shows including NBC’s Today Show and Access Hollywood. His solos shows have taken him from smoke-filled corner bars to the largest amphitheatres across the U.S. and abroad. Joining Brownsville Station in 2013 has put Billy Craig’s rock and roll roots center stage! Ecstatic to be a part of this piece of rock and roll history, his guitar playing and vocals are a driving force in the band’s live shows. When not on the road with Brownsville, Billy is always busy writing songs, recording projects in multiple genres, producing parodies for Detroit’s Country Radio WYCD with Country Radio Hall of Famer Dr. Don and directing a project he designed to promote positive behavior with positive messages to young people all over the country, the I Love This School Tour.

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