Arlen Viecelli – Guitar/Vocals

 Brownsville’s Arlen Viecelli has been a guitar-playing singer since he was in grade school. He dreamt of being on stage at an early age and has worked to fulfill that dream every day of his life. For over 40 years Arlen has been a professional performer touring the world with STYX, REO Speedwagon, Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, KISS, Aerosmith and many other national acts, while continuously writing and recording music. To his credit, Arlen has written and appeared on 5 records, 4 CD’s, many videos, Youtube’s, itunes, Facebook, and numerous guest appearances on other national bands records and CD’s, …

 Arlen's first professional band was  "The Coming Generation", based out of his hometown of Livonia, Mi. The band was very talented and landed some major sows including an opening spot for Kenny Rogers at "Cobo Hall" which seats over 20,000 people. Arlen joined another local band “Salem Witchcraft”, also located in his hometown, and this band quickly became one of the largest bands in the Midwest, without a record contract. Arlen wrote most of the songs, recording in Michigan, Illinois, and London. They released 5 records, 2 videos, and numerous songs on youtube. Throughout Arlen’s career, he was approached to join other national acts, including an audition with Aerosmith, set up by their manager David Kreebs, when Steven Tyler and Joe Perry had split up due to long time differences in the direction of the band. Arlen was also offered a spot to play guitar and sing in the band “Flint”, formerly- The Grand Funk Railroad Band when Mark Farner left to pursue his solo career.The one offer that caught Arlen’s attention and caused him to leave Salem Witchcraft was to join Brownsville Station in 1977.

The Brownsville band was in the studio recording a new album and rehearsing for an upcoming British Columbian tour…. Arlen informed Salem that he was leaving and starting rehearsing with Brownsville…. almost a month into the new album and rehearsals with the BS band, Salem’s manager had a rep from EPIC/Columbia Records fly in to sign the band to a national record deal, but only if Arlen was in the band…. Arlen and BS departed ways, Brownsville signed another band mate and Salem never received the record contract that lured Arlen back to the band.

After the dust settled on all that, Arlen left the Salem band and started working with some major local artists…. Mark Farner from Grand Funk, Charlie Huhn (Ted Nugent and Foghat), Robyn Robins, (Bob Seger/Silver Bullet Band), recorded one album with Frijid Pink (House of the Rising Sun), and once again with Michael Lutz and Henry Weck from Brownsville Station. During this time, Arlen was doing live shows, writing new tunes with the above-mentioned artists, and recording songs for his solo projects. At one point, the “lure to tour” and go back out on the road again, sent him packing… performing/traveling around the world, doing USO shows, for our service men and women, taking Arlen to faraway places in Japan, Okinawa, Philippines, Diego Garcia, the Hawaiian Islands, and many shows in the Contiguous United States.

Arlen had previously released two solo Cd’s, appeared on many other artist’s recordings, albums, and Cd’s, and was working on his third Cd, when the call came in from Michael Lutz, from Brownsville Station, asking if he would do some gang vocals on their new “Still Smokin” CD…... That led to Arlen to also do some vocals for his own Cd at Michaels “Tazmania Studio”. After Arlen’s third solo session, Michael and Henry approached him about joining the Brownsville band, writing some music together, doing some great gigs and doing what they were meant to do many years ago….“Play Brownsville Station music together”.

After all these years the fire still burns in Henry “H” Bomb Weck, and Michael Lutz, so Arlen, with his own fire, experience, and talent still flowing from his soul, set out to do some great things together with their combination of music and knowledge. The journey has been most enjoyable for the whole band and is catching fire in the new Brownsville Station….”Enjoy the Ride

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