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    Brownsville Station has been lighting up the music world for years with original hard driving core members Michael Lutz and Henry "H-Bomb" Weck, playing along side Arlen Viecelli, Billy Craig, and Brad Johnson to lock down the rockin sound that has been the bands mantra from the beginning.The non-stop forever energized Brownsville Station is still rockin out their hits that everyone loves and they continue to excite their fans the way they always have from the beginning of their first tour out with Alice Cooper all the way up to headlining at Madison Square Garden. It’s become obvious to the band over the years, that from the amount of airplay and interest around the world, that there’s a whole new movement towards the bands music. It appears that Brownsville Station is just as popular as they’ve ever been.

"Back in the day, if you had one top 50 hit song that was pretty special”, says Lutz, “Well, Brownsville Station has had six top 50 hits." The band famously played to over 350,000 fans in Puerto Rico for the Mary Sol Festival. Thanks to their hit song "Smoking in the Boy’s Room," co-written by Michael Lutz and the late Cub Koda, as well as the other 5 top 50 hits, the band continues to play to a solid following and stays at the top of Marquee Bills at similar rock shows and festivals all around the world to this day.

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